kerri. 17. canada.

i like a lot of things.

i'm currently on HIATUS.
see the hiatus post for details.


a fanmix for that feeling you get when you read another mix description; characters described in vague terms, girls with power and boys with tragedies; metaphors abound like flowers in a meadow, their petals heavy with rain; i don’t recognize any of these fucking bands

"This song is ending. But the story never ends."

- You are my best friend.
- And you are mine.

i am on hiatus.


for anyone who might care, i am officially on hiatus.

i’ve decided i need to focus on school and sorting out my personal life a little more than i have been, and staying up late drooling over gifs of celebrities isn’t helping me in that. so, no more tumblr for me.

the lovely renee is changing my password, so i won’t be here at all. my queue is set to post twice a day, so you’ll have that until it runs out.

i am going on hiatus until mid may or later. basically, after ap exams. but i’m not sure how life will be at that point, so we’ll see if i come back at or not. 

if you want to unfollow, go for it. this blog is a shitty mess at the moment, and it’s about to become an inactive shitty mess. i don’t blame you. ;P

if you want to keep up with the extremely boring and practically non-existent life of kerri or want to contact me for any reason, i have a twitter i check kind of regularly and other social media links that you can find in my about page. 

so, yeah. 

until later, friends <3


names are so weird it’s like what noise should i make to get your attention

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